VMware professional certifications have always been important to ascertain technical abilities in the IT industry. IT professionals and employers alike have often depended on it to evaluate the technical knowledge and the development of employees respectively.

VMware 2V0-622D exam is one of such exams. It is used to test the abilities and the skills of the candidates to install, manage, and configure the ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, and other tools. Although it is not important to master all the techniques and tools, you should at least master one or two skills so that you can get an edge in your career.

VMware 2V0-622D Exam is necessary to get the VMware VCP6.5-DCV certification that helps the candidates to get a good job in their own organization. This certification is also useful for employees who want to shift towards well known technical organizations.

However, having at least 6 months of experience in Data Center Virtualization, and the vSphere implementation is necessary to take this exam. In addition to this, the candidate should also have experience in the IT industry, the process of installation, monitoring, configuration and the management of the vSphere solution.

Tips to prepare for VMware 2V0-622D Exam

Just like other exams, VMware 2V0-622D Exam also has its own importance. You need to allow proper time to get prepared. The helping material is available online. You may need to get the course material anytime to get prepared for it. Following are some important tips that can help you to prepare for the certification:

Read the course description well so that you may get an idea of the course and prepare accordingly.
If you have a busy routine, then you can get the online course material to read it and prepare for the exam. This will help you to utilize all your spare time.
The sample questions are provided by the online institutes to help the candidates. They don’t only provide you with the sample questions but also train you for the exam to complete all the questions on the time.
Time management is very important to pass the exam. Any candidate should not leave the space blank.
The expert advice is also very useful in such a time. The person who has already passed through the exam can easily guide you about the course.
It is recommended that the candidate should get the sample quizzes and try it while sitting at their home. This will tell you about the level of your preparation and time management. You will also learn about the ways to manage the time to solve all the questions.
You can hire a trainer to support you for the preparation. You can also keep the notes on your phone so that you can access them at any time when you are free.
VMware 2V0-622D Exam Description and objectives

The VMware VCP6.5 2V0-622D VCE Exam has its own features. The candidate is provided with 90 minutes to pass 70 questions exam. All these questions are the multiple-choice questions. You hardly get 90 seconds to solve one question. So it is very important that you must learn all the thing at first sight and take less time to think about the questions. At the end of the course, the candidate will be able to learn the following points:

Administer and Configure the vSphere 6 x Security
Administer and Configure the vSphere 6 x Networking
Administer and Configure the vSphere 6 x Storage
Customize and Deploy the ESXi hosts
Administer and Configure the vSphere and vCenter Solutions
Manage and administer vSphere Virtual Machines.
Prerequisites for VMware 2V0-622D Exam

Most of the courses available online have some pre-requisites but these are the advanced level courses, but there are also some courses that don’t require any course to apply for the new one. VMware VCP6.5-DCV certification is one of those courses that require pre-requisites for the candidates to apply for the examination. According to the course management, the candidate must have 1 to 2 years of experience in Data Center Virtualization and the Data Center Design.

Addition to that, the candidate must be able to write, read and speak English very well. To all the non-native candidates, the management provides 30 minutes extra to complete the exam. It is better if you improve your English skills even if you are not experienced. You will definitely save your time in solving the questions. This course worth $250 so anyone who fulfills all the requirements can easily apply for the exam.

Who should apply for VMware 2V0-622D Exam?

As already stated, VMware VCP6.5-DCV certification is not for all the people or the employees working in any company. Following are some people who can apply to get the certification. These are:

This is a technology era, if you want to move your steps with the moving technology, then you must go for the new certifications and courses to polish and upgrade your knowledge.
The one who has prior experience in networking and have knowledge about the IT and networking terms.
Any employee can also apply for the examination after keeping all the things in mind. Make sure that you get time to prepare for the exam. It is essential to find at least 2 to 3 hours a day for preparing for the exam.
A candidate who is able to afford the course fee must apply for it. Most of the times, the people apply for the course to get a promotion or add attractive points in their resume. If you are the one then you must apply for it.
Sometimes, the management of any company also forces their employees to go for the certification. They bear all the expenses and add assets to their organization.
VMware VCP6.5-DCV Certification is not the basic course for which you can apply and get a certificate. You have to work hard to learn new things about networking, security, storage and much more. Don’t forget to take an expert’s advice before moving on.

And most importantly when you are done with this certificate make sure you update your resume. Overall, this is a good career decision to make which does not only require money but time and attention too.

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