Oracle Corporation is a giant of Information Technology field, which is known not only for its high-quality database software and cloud engineered systems but also for the certification program it offers for IT specialists. Credentials form Oracle are designed to confirm the individuals’ skills needed to use and work with products and technologies developed by the company.

Oracle Certification

Certification program from Oracle includes various domains each of which is associated with Oracle software, hardware, and particular products. Among the most in-demand domains are Database, Java, BI, Oracle Cloud, Middleware and Applications. There are also a few proficiency levels in the credential program: Associate, Professional, Expert, Specialist, and Master.

To get more details about Oracle certification, go to Oracle website.

What Are the Advantages of Getting Oracle Certified?

Certifications are like diamonds in the eyes of your potential employers. This says a lot of your skills and competencies. Certifications are tangible proofs of your talent. By getting certified, you attract several opportunities. Your career will surely move further. It’s more than just personal satisfaction; it is a way of showcasing one’s talent.

Among other IT certifications, Oracle certification is a very desirable certification for software developers. In particular, Oracle certification will offer you a big edge when competing among fellow IT specialists. Plus, you get the chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd with basic credentials. Your skills and understanding the Oracle products are reinforced through various training courses. With that, you will serve as an important asset in an organization or company. The chances of your employment are high and even quick since knowledgeable and skillful specialists are such in demand. On your side, you will surely grow as a competent professional and your career will flourish. Also, you will also be highly compensated. On your employers’ side, there is a reduced cost and an increase in performance at the same time.

This text is dedicated to the most in-demand Oracle credentials. We will take a look at the certification structure with Oracle Database 12с certification path and dive into the specifics with Oracle Java. So, let’s start.

Database 12сCertification

Database 12с certification includes associate, professional and master stages and each of the stages requires passing of the certain exams. So, here is the short description of Oracle Database 12сcertification process.

Associate Stage

To get the initial Database 12с credential, you need to obtain Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate certification. This credential covers the knowledge you need to have to perform database administrator’s tasks such as database maintenance, recovery, and backup. This certification can be obtained through the passing of certain exams and there are two steps, according to the official Oracle website. The first step implies passing one of the 3 exams: 1Z0-071, 1Z0-061 or 1Z0-051.

1Z0-071 Exam

1Z0-071 exam: Oracle Database 12c SQL is designed to validate the knowledge related to data manipulation, DDL statements, Data Manipulation Language, basic SELECT statements, Transaction Control Language and more.

1Z0-061 Exam

1Z0-061 exam: Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals covers the skills required to manage tables, solve queries, use conversion functions and conditional expressions, sort and restrict data and more.

1Z0-051 Exam

1Z0-051 exam: Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I (Retired). This exam is no longer held, but it was in demand some time ago. The exam covered data sorting, conditional expressions, multiple tables, single-row functions and many more. This test can be replaced by 1Z0-071 exam.

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Next step is to clear the 1Z0-062 test.

1Z0-062 Exam

1Z0-062 exam: Oracle Database 12c Administration Exam includes the following objectives: data concurrency management, recovery configuration, backup configuration, user security administration and many more.

Professional Stage

After you receive your associate credential, you can move to the next level and get Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional. Please keep in mind that you cannot apply for professional certification if you didn’t complete Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate.

If you possess Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate, you can pass one of the Oracle Database 12c courses and then clear a necessary 1Z0-063 test.

1z0-063 Exam

1Z0-063 exam: Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration covers the use of RMAN-Encrypted Backups, failure diagnostic, the implementation of backup strategies and many more.

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To finish the certification stage, you should complete the course submission form (see the details on the official Oracle website).

How to Upgrade the Knowledge if You Already Have Database Certification?

If you possess Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate Oracle9i, Oracle Database 10g or 11g, you can pass one of the courses Oracle offers for Database 12c and get access to a special upgrade exam. This will allow you to attain an Oracle Database 12c OCP (professional) certification.

1z0-067 Exam

1Z0-067 exam: Upgrade Oracle9i/10g/11g OCA to Oracle Database 12c OCP is focused on the advanced concepts: Oracle data protection solutions, Flashback Database, Oracle Secure Backup and many more.

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Master Stage

If you already possess your Associate and Professional certifications, you can move straight to highest-level credential – Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master. First, you need to pass two Oracle Database 12c courses and submit the results. Second, you need to clear the Oracle Database 12c Certified Master Exam 12cOCM exam. The last steps on the way to your Master certification will be the completion of the submission form Fulfillment Kit Request.

Now, let’s shift to another popular certification – Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer Certification and 1Z0-809 exam that you need to pass to get certified.

Java SE 8 Professional Programmer Certification and 1Z0-809 Exam

Nowadays, advanced-level of programming skills in Java is very in demand since Java has been the top choice for developers with regards to the development platform. Around 97% of enterprise desktops, 3 billion mobile phones, 125 million TV devices all run in Java. With the rising demand for Java, the number of Java developers has also been increasing. To date, there are now approximately 9 million Java developers worldwide. And so, the competition among developers is also consistently heightened.

To compete in this industry, you must be armed with certifications–that is, to be an Oracle Certified Professional. The recently updated version of Java is version 8. As developers, being updated with the advances in these is very essential. To keep up with the developments and upgraded features in Java SE 8, taking Oracle 1Z0-809 is a must.

What is Oracle 1Z0-809 Exam?

Oracle 1Z0-809 Exam, also known as Java Standard Edition 8 Programmer II, is a 150-minute exam consisting of 85 questions. Questions are given in a multiple-choice format. Candidates must score at least 65% of the total score to pass. The topics included in the exam are as follows: Java class design, generics, and collections, Java Stream API, Java SE 8 Date/Time API, Java File I/O (NIO.2), building database applications with JDBC, Java I/O Fundamentals, Java concurrency, etc.

A prerequisite for this exam is to be 1Z0-808: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Fundamentals. This exam leads to Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification. In the Oracle Certified Associate, you will be equipped with the basics of Java and object programming. Oracle 1Z0-809 exam, along with the three-part exam series, gears you towards the Oracle Certified Professional that delves into the Java SE 8 into more details. Eventually, after earning the professional certificate, you can proceed to the expert level then to the master level.

How to Prepare?

One of the techniques important in making you pass the exam is by choosing the right materials to study. If you study hard and find out that you’re studying the wrong way, the chances of you not answering the questions proficiently may be possible, since the ones you’ve mastered aren’t in line with the exam topics. Access the right and latest study questions and see the difference. This will help you keep up with the ever-updating exams and will give you more assurance as a professional in your chosen field. Thus, if you are planning to take on certification exams, it is very important for you to obtain the right exam resources.

Before anything else, don’t forget to familiarize the exam content – the details, format, guidelines, topics, etc. Then, you may begin developing your skills in Java language through various books and guides on Java SE 8.

Apply your learning by practicing and answering sample practice tests. If you solve practice tests, you get familiarized with the exam pattern and identify your weak spots. Get as many practice tests as possible and you will be fully armed for your exam. Practice tests can be easily found on reliable online platforms. Note that practice tests must only be taken from legal resources!

Read over the Java platform overview, advance Java class design, as well as lambda built-in functional interfaces, exceptions and assertions. The topics covered in the exam also involve the Java I/O fundamentals, concurrency, and localization.

Aside from that, participate in training sessions and courses to hone your skills. As for the 1Z0-809 exam, a recommended training to boost your skills is a course on Java SE 8 Programming. To assist in learning, the Oracle Software offers training courses for this as well as other methods of hands-on experience such as in labs, field and classroom experiences.

In addition, the effectiveness of exam dumps has since been recognized in the world of IT. Once you get acquainted with how productive exam dumps are in your study habits, the more fulfilling the process of gaining certification is.

Take Note

One important thing to note is that these resources are of a little value if you don’t give effort in learning. Taking certification exams is a combination of investing your money, time and effort. Prepare thoroughly for the exam to get the results you want to achieve. Plan out your study schedule. Allot enough of your time in studying, learning, reviewing and importantly practicing. Train and practice regularly to improve your programming skills. If you are a newbie, you should double your effort and once again, practice more and more!


With Oracle certification, your skills in using Oracle products will be greatly enhanced, making you more competitive in the job market. You will surely go a long way with the help of this credential. So, what are you waiting for? Take the Oracle exams and get knowledgeable and flexible professional!

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